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State Quarters

Signed into law in 1997 by President Clinton, the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program was an effort to unite the nation in honoring the tradition, unique abilities, history, and geography of each state. One of the first initiatives of its kind to change the circulating coinage, this program was an unprecedented achievement and an exciting opportunity for both collectors and non-collectors alike. It finally presented the opportunity for the average American to truly start a collection that meant something.

With some basic guidelines, the governors of each state set out in order to create their own design which would make both their state and their nation proud. Many of the governors involved the people of their state in some way, and each design became a representation of where the state came from, where it was going, and where it stood today. Starting with Delaware and moving forward with each state, in the order that they became part of the Union, the state quarters were released five a year for ten years, beginning in 1999 and finishing with Hawaii in 2008.

It only took a matter of time to see that this program was the single most popular commemorative coin program in American history. By 2008, nearly 35 billion state quarters had been minted and released, and were being collected by children and collectors alike.

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