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Presidential Dollars

Beginning with the release of the George Washington presidential dollar in February of 2007, The Dead Presidents Program was designed to honor our nation’s presidents, with a dollar coin design for each of the deceased presidents as a feature. The goal was to release about four presidential dollars per year until 2016, producing enough to be able to be in circulation.

However, there was a mistake on the first release of the Washington coin—featuring plain edges instead of the approved lettered edges. This caused an enormous uproar in the collector community, as many people would buy rolls of the coins just to find the more rare plain-edged coins. Because the dollar coin was never fully introduced as common currency, the Mint stopped producing the presidential dollar coins in 2012, when they were minted and sold exclusively for collectors.

The last presidential dollar, the President Reagan coin, will be released in 2016, as none of Reagan’s successors are eligible under the program.

The goal of the presidential dollar program was as much to provide a new coin for the collector as it was to help educate the American public about their presidents and their history. In this way, the dollars have been released in order of office, starting with Washington and ending with Reagan. In addition, the coins are imprinted with the president’s portrait, years served and name.

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