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Collector Tools

For us, our passion lies in discovery, in uncovering history, and in preserving culture for the future. As collectors ourselves, we understand what it takes to make a good tool great, and what sets each brand apart from the next. In this way, we have selected the choice equipment from the names you trust so that you know you are getting tools you can trust for years to come. These include:

Calipers – Measuring is a large part of learning about the coin and also to finding the right kind of storage for it. Our calipers offer a wide range of choices so that you can find the one that fits your preferences and collection the best.

Handling Accessories – When collecting rare, prized or old coins, stamps and notes, handling them by hand can damage the integrity of the currency. We offer the perfect handling accessories so that you can feel comfortable and confident exploring your collection.

Lamps – The key to a quality currency collector’s lamp is in the design. All of our bulbs, lights and lamps are built with you in mind so that you can see better for longer.

Magnifiers & Loupes – With a range of magnifications, styles and designs, you can find exactly the ones you need in order to explore, learn and fully assess your coins, stamps and notes.

Scales – One of the key components of determining a coin’s composition, origins, and more is by its weight. Get the scale that are accurate, precise and will last for years.

We offer even more collector tools, so browse our selection today and find the ones you need!