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Multiple Coin Holders


Everything you need for the collector inside of you.

We understand that having the right coin holders is almost as important to you as the coins they hold. Your coin holders need to be durable and made from quality materials so as to not compromise the integrity of each coin. Because we are not only passionate about providing you with the kind of coin holders you need, but we are passionate about ensuring that every product we sell is one that we, as fervent collectors, would use.

In this way, we offer:

Coin Albums – Housing several coins in a display, book-like fashion, you benefit from having your coins together, in a convenient location while on display. Our materials are effective in holding your coins in place while protecting them so you never have to worry.

Coin Cases – Not quite as convenient as the albums, but must more effective as far as displaying and preserving your coins, our coin cases combine both beauty and function.

Coin Folders – A fast, easy and efficient way to store a lot of coins at once while still being able to view them, coin folders are perfect for you less rare coins that you still want to pull out and look at.

Coin Pages and Binders – Kind of like football trading card cases for your coins, place your encased coins inside easy-to-access polypropylene pages and binders.

Coin Tubes – The quick, efficient storage of the coin world, our tubes are perfect for fast storage of several coins at once.

Browse our selection today and organize your collection with our multiple coin holders.