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Why Should You Collect Stamps?

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Stamp collecting is one of the most popular and preferred hobbies around the world. If you aren’t a fan of popular, vintage and erred stamps, then you’re missing out on a great deal here. Although just a picture on a piece of paper, the significance of a stamp goes well beyond what meets the eye. Here are a few reasons as to why you should collect stamps:

Reason 1: Historical Significance

A single stamp contains more history than any other encyclopedia. Each stamp was made at a particular point in history and denoted the people, culture and events of that time. For instance, the Landing of Columbus stamps represents Columbus’s discovery of the New World, as well as the 19th Century United States (when it was printed). With the help of a good stamp collection, you can have the world catalog at your fingertips.

Reason 2: Several Ways to Collect

When it comes to collecting stamps, there is no “one-best” approach. You can go for the general rule and collect each and every stamp ever made. You can opt for a specialist criterion and aim only for stamps relating to a particular country or a period in history. You can even try out the personality method and scout for stamps relating to a personality of your liking (Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin or any other individual).

Reason 3: Varying Costs

Unlike coins, stamps vary considerably in terms of their price. A single stamp can cost you anywhere between 15 cents and $5000. This gives you flexibility to buy stamps as per your liking and your budget. Furthermore, stamp value increases with age. If you bought a stamp some 15-20 years ago, it might have a current market value ten times its original purchase price.

Reason 4: Social Implications

Before Facebook and Twitter became famous, stamp club meetings were the most preferred social gatherings. You’ll be surprised to know, but many such clubs exist to date! Collecting stamps allows you to find other people in your area who have a similar hobby. You can create your own club with them, meet up regularly and swap stamps with others and even arrange your own club/community events.

Reason 5: Reduces Stress

If you’re tired of the same old work and/or study routine, then stamp collecting provides a break. You don’t need any motivation to collect stamps. You don’t even need to be rich and affluent to do that. Stamp collecting is a passive hobby and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Whenever you feel life weighing down on you, just open up your scrapbook and go through all the wonderful stamps you’ve collected over the years. It can be a great source of motivation!

Reason 6: Do it at your own Will

Stamp collecting is the only hobby that does not require a lot of time. You don’t need to take out an hour or two everyday to collect stamps. You can just buy and sell on your way to your school, college, office or even when hanging out with family and friends. This hobby gives you much more flexibility.

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