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Types of Coin Holders

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Only a true coin collector realizes the value of selecting the perfect coin holder as a first step for devising the best coin storage tactics within the overall coin collection strategy. It is immensely important for a coin collector to closely evaluate each option because the price of coin holders keeps fluctuating over time, especially if the collection grows, which is a certain anticipation and goal for a coin collector.

You are likely to find a wide range of coin holders in the market with an equal array of pricing options. Every coin holder is primarily designed to protect, store and display your collection effectively as well as affordably. Stated below are some of the most common, popular and admired coin holders that passionate coin collectors should buy:

Cardboard Holder

Generally, cardboard holders are made up of white cardboard with a clear mylar insert pocket that allows for conveniently storing and displaying coins. You can also write coin descriptions and attributes on the right side of the cardboard. This is a relatively low cost option, safe and a popular method of storing and showcasing your astounding coin collection. Cardboard holders are usually available in the following sizes: 1.5x1.5, 2x2 and 2.5x2.5.

Air-Tite Holders

These holders provide coin collectors with design characteristics that protect common and hard-to-fit coins against air contamination. Air-Tite holders are injection-molded and are made up of durable, non-paling plastic that can be used over prolonged periods of time. Its direct-fit style can also be utilized for universal coin sizes, quarters and small dollars. Due to a high demand of customized Air-Tite holders, you can easily find ring type and frame type options for rare coin sizes.

Coin Flips and Saflips

Ordinarily, there are two kinds of coin flips available; one of them is the low plasticizer PVC flips, along with polyester flips. When it comes to determining which coin flip will turn out to be more effective and durable, pay special attention to the type of material used in its construction! Most of the coin flips are made up of vinyl, which is a short term solution for your coins. Overall, low plasticizer PVC clips are soft, clear and easy for viewing and handling.

To suit your long term needs, it is best to opt for non-PVC or archival quality coin flips. Also known as saflips, these are fabricated with materials that are free from any chemicals and contaminations that can harm your coins. Saflips are designed with two separate yet connected pockets, allowing coins and information cards to be stored mutually.

Plastic Holders

Plastic coin holders are fabricated with inner polystyrene with a clear center window for clear viewing. It has an exclusive airtight double-seal that offers unmatched protection for your priceless coin collection against damage and air contamination.

The Guardhouse Snaplock plastic holder comes in a size of 2x2 and is specifically designed for a secure enclosure mechanism. Instead of a square design like air-tite holder, the Guardhouse Snaplock has a round design for storing Cents, Dimes, Nickels, Quarters, Half Dollars, Dollars, Silver Eagles and Presidential Dollars.

At Coin and Stamp Supply Central, we not only offer an exciting range of coin collecting and stamp collecting supplies, but also appropriate coin storage solutions that range from cardboard holders to air-tite holders and coin boxes to meet clients’ needs. In case of further inquiries, feel free to browse our site and share your concerns with us.