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Top 3 Must-Have Coin Tools

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If you are planning to level up in the process of coin collecting, then purchasing some cutting-edge coin tools and collecting supplies is inevitable. As your coin collecting knowledge grows, you discover and realize that there are more options to benefit from other than simply relying on dates, mintages and types in your coin collection. As a serious buyer, it is natural for you to start buying old and rare coins to add value to your collection by taking up inspection and authentication measures on your own.

I order to accomplish this, you will require some advanced and sophisticated coin collecting tools to better assist you in achieving these goals. Stated below are the top 3 coin collecting tools that genuine coin collectors must instantly get their hands on:

Digital Calipers

Digital calipers are one of the most amazing and indispensable tools that are used to measure the diameter of coins in your coin collection. Alternately known as a sizing gauge, it functions by placing the coins in between the jaws of the caliper which are slowly closed until contact is made between opposing sides of the coin. For instance, if a coin has been minted from a collar, is a broad type of a strike, or minted from an inappropriate planchet, then it won’t calibrate the real diameter it is supposed to have. The digital display of a digital caliper allows the coin collector to choose the unit of measurement in inches or millimeters with a minimum accuracy reading of 0.01mm.

A Coin Lamp

To add proper colored coins to your inestimable coin collection, having good lighting is an immensely important element that cannot be overlooked. To precisely grade a coin, a daylight lamp offers a full spectrum of colors and natural white sunlight-like light. Most of the indoor lights have a poor spectrum of colors and cause uncirculated copper coins to come out redder than what they actually look like. On the other hand, silver coins shine brighter than their normal state under fluorescent lights. Therefore, a good source of light comes in handy for determining the true colors and genuineness of your coins.

Magnifiers and Loupes

Coins possess some hidden details that the naked eye cannot discern easily. For quick and easy viewing of the minutest coin details, coin collectors must use coin magnifiers and loupes when evaluating the quality of coins and determining the specific varieties. A good quality coin magnifier allows you to examine the finer details and other imperfections that exist on the coin surface. Assessing a coin over such criteria helps in grading the true worth of the coin. The American Numismatic Association recommends a magnification between the range of 5X and 10X for determining the most reliable coin grades. You will find various types of coin magnifiers; from handheld coin magnifiers to binocular head-band style, the range is eternal. There are selections that comprise of magnifiers with extra-zoon inset, lighted magnifiers, pocket magnifiers, eye-glass magnifiers and loupes that can be flipped up and down as per the need.

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