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Rare Pennies and Coins worth Holding on to

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When it comes to coin collecting, there are some antique and rare coins worth a lot of value. They’re likely to fetch more than their extrinsic and intrinsic value because they denote a particular historical period.

Rare pennies and coins are hard to come by. Most of them have either been lost in time or have been carefully preserved at museums. Some of them are also in possession of wealthy individuals.

If you are in possession of or have come across any of the following coins, its best to keep them safe with you, rather than trading it. Such coins have values exceeding millions of dollars. You can later sell them at auctions and fetch a large amount of money. Here’s a look at some of the rarest and most valuable pennies:

1792 Penny

A dark chocolate-colored coin, the 1792 Penny is true treasure (despite its unorthodox color). The coin bears the date 1792 and has an inscription which reads “Parent of Science & Industry: Liberty”. There’s a symbol on the coin that closely resembles a woman’s head (possibly denoting Miss Liberty). If you are in possession of such a coin, it’s definitely worth keeping.

1793 Penny

Following the popularity of Miss Liberty coin, 1793 brought about one of the most expensive coins in American history. The 1793 Penny was a rare print by the U.S. Mint. Presently, there are only four 1793 pennies remaining. Each penny is worth $275,000. If you, by chance, happen to come across a 1793 penny, you’re likely to become rich overnight since auctioneers are offering more than half a million for such coins!

1909 Coins

From 1909 to 1958, designer Victor D. Brenner created a number of Lincoln Pennies. These coins were very popular during the World War I, World War II and the Great Depression Era. However, the 1909 series consisted of a limited quantity of Lincoln Pennies produced with initials VDB etched on to them. This alteration makes them one of the rarest coins in U.S.

1924-S Penny

First-time coin collectors can start their collection with 1924-S Pennies. Light, fairly priced and requiring little to no maintenance, 1924 coins are known for their durability. A typical coin is valued anywhere between 25c and $10. If you come across a 1924 Penny in mint condition, you can easily fetch over $200. So make sure to be on a lookout for well-preserved 1924 coins.

1955 Penny

Sometimes, this penny is worth more than just another penny. If this passes through your coin counters, make sure to keep it aside. It carries a double-die date. This means that a perfectly mint 1955 coin is worth $20,000+. Even if you have such a penny in less-than-perfect condition, you can still make up to $500 on such coins. Keep it safe with you and polish it up a bit before selling it forward.

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