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Popular Coin Holders for Your Collection

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For all coin collecting enthusiasts, the last thing they need is their life’s work being ruined and their coins becoming worthless. However, if left unchecked or unprotected, or stored in the wrong coin holder, your coins are likely to tarnish, discolor, become damaged and lose their value. Fortunately, there a number of coin holders out there that can help you protect your precious coins from all environmental and human harm. Here’s a look at some of the most popular coin holders in the market:

2x2 Holders

Deriving a name from their 2 by 2 square inch dimensions, each holder has one or more circles cut and a plastic sheet adhered firmly on the inside. When you fold the coin holder, the coin is stapled shut.

The coin can safely be viewed from both sides (since the plastic sheet is transparent) and is kept safe from environmental damage and finger prints. Despite their name, 2x2 coin holders are also available in sizes of up to 2.5 inches. These low-cost holders allow you to write information on the cover. However, the staples can scratch the coin as it is removed from the coin holder. Thus, care should be exercised.

Coin Flips

These small plastic coin holders contain two pockets. One pocket holds the coin while the other can store a small cardboard piece with the coin’s catalog number and/or description written on it. Available in a number of sizes, these coin holders are one of the most frequently demanded coin collecting supplies.

These coin holders are mostly used by coin dealers due to their compact nature and their ability to be stored in large cardboard boxes, neatly organized, for safe-keeping. They are cheap, durable, do not damage the coin upon removal and provide a large area for cataloging. On a flip side, they’re made of PVC and can damage the base metal of coins, if the metal is reactive.

Edge Holders

A significant upgrade from traditional coin holders, Edge Holders allow easy viewing of the coin from three different sides - back, front and width views. The latest Native American Dollar coins and the Presidential Dollars are all stored in Edge Holders for safe viewing.

Made from Mylar plastic, the coin is double sealed upon packing to provide an airtight storage environment, effectively removing all possibilities of rusting and discoloration due to oxidation. However, these holders are rather expensive and are considerably bulky to store.

Coin Tubes

Just like any other tube, the coin tubes are cylindrical and hollow and allow you to store multiple coins, in stacks. They are available in different height and width specifications - allowing you to store any type and any number of coins.

One of the biggest disadvantages of coin tubes is that they cost high, compared to the 2x2 Holders. The price tends to vary with the dimensions of each tube. Furthermore, coins stored in bulk may be damaged through vibrations and collisions with each other. You also need to remove coins to view them, exposing them to fingerprints and environmental hazards.

Hard Plastic Holders

For the best protection and the longest life, choose hard plastic coin holders. They’re made up of inert plastic materials, such as polystyrene, that do not react with metals at all - rendering your coins safe from discoloration. Unlike 2x2 coin holders, these cards come in fixed sizes and shapes to store only one particular type of coin. They can easily hold individual coins, uncirculated sets, proof coins and even entire collections and allow for easy viewing from both sides of the coin.

A minor setback is that these holders are bulky and expensive. Storing coins by using plastic holders is certainly not recommended if you are tight on budget and have insufficient space for storing your collection.

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