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Different Types of Stamps That Stamp Holders Collect

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Postage stamp collection is hands down, one of the most common and favorite hobbies all around the world. The first ever stamp was issued by Queen Victoria of Great Britain in 1840 and from then on, this hobby has become a rage among teens and adults. People collect stamps for various reasons like historical, cultural and monetary value. So much so, that there are thriving communities all around the world that are dedicated to collecting stamps.

If you are an ardent stamp collector, then it is imperative for you to know the basic categories or types of postage stamps that are available in the market for you to collect and treasure. Keep reading to know more about them:

Definitive Stamps

Definitive stamps are often called ‘regular issue’ stamps. These are the basic stamps that are issued by post offices with the sole purpose of postage fee payment.

Holiday Stamps

Holiday stamps are special occasion stamps that are primarily issued to recognize seasonal holidays and major events.

Air Mail Stamps

Air mail stamps are pasted on parcels to indicate that the parcel has been delivered by air.

Rocket Mail Stamps

Rocket mail stamps were first introduced in 1930s for parcels that were sent via rockets. It continued to be used quite infrequently for a few decades but then its use was halted as a result of its high costs. Today, these stamps are rarely seen or found.

Commemorative Stamps

Just as the name suggests, commemorative stamps are used to celebrate a special, personalized occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays and other important events of a person’s life.

Revenue Stamps

Revenue stamps were officially used to collect taxes on goods and documents. They are not the same as postage stamps but are collectables and a popular choice among stamp collectors.

Postage Due/Insufficient Postage

These stamps were used as an indication to show that not sufficient postage was paid to ship or post the parcel to the planned destination.

Semi Postal Stamps

Semi postal stamps were used to raise money for a particular charitable organization. These stamps are usually sold at a higher price than rest of the stamps. The extra income generated is donated to a noble cause.

Error Stamps

Error stamps are also referred to as printer’s waste and they are not used for market purposes. These are generally the rejected stamps that possess some kind of defect in the design or print. Such stamps are rarely found and are of great value.

Provisional Stamps

Provisional stamps are produced and used when regular stamps are temporarily unavailable for a certain reason. These stamps are released in the market as a stop-gap and backup measure to replace the ceased production of regular stamps.

Replica Stamps/Reissues

Replica stamps are simply the result of reproduction of a particular stamp which is not a valid postage by any means. Just as the name proposes, these are fake stamps that possess no real value for a collector. Ordinarily, these stamps are used to fill spaces in display books. These are merely a replica of an officially produced stamp used for marketing purposes.

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