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Avoid These Mistakes with Your Stamps

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Stamps are delicate pieces of paper that can be damaged easily. The natural oil in our hands, the dirt and dust from everyday activities can hugely distort the stamps and put a dent on their value. Instead of using one’s hands to pick up stamps, a better option is to use stamp tongs to handle this priceless possession with care.

Keep reading to comprehend some important things that must be totally avoided to prolong the life of your stamp collection and its value:

Not Examining the Envelopes

When you catch a glimpse of an interesting and attractive stamp, you can totally lose your mind in excitement and end up doing things you shouldn’t. Before you cut out that stamp and add it to your stamp collection, closely scrutinize the envelope so that you don’t miss out on a treasure. The envelope could probably be a first day cover or an event day cover and possess a cancellation or postmark that tells you that it’s coming from somewhere unique and special. It can also be a classic example of postal history such as balloon mail and wartime mail with censorship marking. Hence, bear in mind when looking around envelopes, the stamp is only the beginning.

Trimming the Stamps Too Closely

When you are gearing towards soaking the stamps in order to mount them from the paper they are stuck on, you would want to cut off the excess paper most of the times. Out of excitement and thrill, most stamp collectors end up accidently cutting off the stamp. Hence, the risk that lies here is perforation. Moreover, the stamps being produced today are asymmetrical in shape and size, therefore, the risk automatically doubles. Many stamps come along with labels attached to them or writing on the sheet around the stamp. Therefore, ensure that any such thing attached to the stamp isn’t a part of it.

Gluing the Stamps to Your Stamp Collection Album


Despite being a no brainer, most stamp collectors end up making this silly yet crucial mistake. Without being familiar with important tools such as stamp hinges and mounts, stamp collectors wrongly believe that the only way to secure the stamps is by gluing or taping them to the stamp collection album. While they are right to the extent that stamps will stay secure this way, removing them could be extremely difficult, rather impossible without damaging them. Every stamp collector must be aware of this tip and play smartly with their stamp collections.

Storing Loose Stamps in a Box

One of the most organic things to do with loose stamps is stuffing them in a box when you don’t know where and how to sort and file them. Since loose stamps are at a risk of being curled or bent in a box, the stamps are bound to get damaged. If you let the stamps stay in the box for a prolonged period, the box itself may affect the stamps as the acids and dyes within the box can get on the stamps. The best thing to do is to put loose stamps in glassine envelopes and then place them in a box or container safely.

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