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All You Need to Know about Stamp Collecting

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Stamp collecting has been one of the most preferred hobbies, ever since the first ever postage stamp was invented by Rowland Hill. He created a fool-proof system, based on prepayments, that was intended to replace the complex and fraud-prone traditional stamping business in pre-industrial age Britain.

By 1860, collecting postage stamp had become a popular recreational activity in Europe and was making its way across the Atlantic to United States. For someone who wants to start collecting postage stamps today, the resources are limitless- as are the types of stamps available.

For the beginners, it is necessary to acquaint themselves with the entire dos and don’ts of philately (stamp collections) and learn more about the basics of postage stamp collections. Here’s a look at some of the simple tips and tricks to collecting stamps:

How to Begin?

For expert stamp collectors, their hobby and passion for collecting stamps began at a very early age. Often, they were interested in the bright and colorful pictures shown on stamps or were simply curious about the events commemorated by such stamps. For others, it might have been a way to communicate with their friends and families overseas, before internet and mobile communication took over.

If you’re wondering where and how to begin collecting stamps, you can start by taking out at least an hour every day. Buy a stamp book. Go through all postal letters written to your parents and grandparents and try scrapping off the postage stamp, with great care. You can even join a postage stamp group or community in your area.

Equipment Needed

Unlike valuable items, postage stamps do not need hi-fi equipment. All you need is a stamp album to begin with. Stamp albums can be generic, vintage or country-specific. Sometimes, sellers try offer a few stamps along with the album sold. You’ll also need gummed hinges to place postage stamps on to your stamp album.

Before getting on with collecting stamps, it is important for you to know what makes stamps so special. Why are some stamps more valuable than others? For starters, you should know that very few stamps actually sell on their catalogue value.

The material used and the historical event the stamp embodies play a vital role in determining the actual stamp value. To carefully paste stamps on to your album or remove them from an envelope, you’ll need tweezers and a magnifying glass.

Recreational Stamp Collecting

As a beginner, you can start by collecting all postage stamps that come your way and on which you can get your hands on, without worrying about their value. Like all other artifacts, the stamp value is likely to represent the personal interests of both sellers and collectors.

The activity is cheap and fun and does not require any technical or specialist knowledge. As a first-time collector, you can collect either country-specific stamps or those relating to particular historical events (such as World War II). Other methods include collection by post memorabilia, theme or even “Cinderella Stamps”.

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